Friday, 15 May 2015

Is Amber Rose Bi-Sexual? We’d Let You Be The Judg

She’s the world’s most loved Milf.

Amber Rose brings a lot of things to mind; No chill
given, direct, hot, sexy and now, Lesbian.
The hot mother of one who is known for her sexy
body and high profiled relationships with Kanye and
Wiz Khalifa, is now giving everyone more than one
reason to believe that she might actually be a
Amber, who kissed Amy Schumer at the MTV
awards, went on social media to reveal how she felt
after the kiss.
According to her, she might have had lesbian
feelings after kissing Schumer.
Well, those feelings are back.
Amber took to Instagram to share a photo of
actress, Margot Robbie, most known for her role as
Leo Dicaprio’s wife in the critically and
commercially successful movie, Wolf Of Wall Street,
with the caption, “My #WCE @margotrobbie she is
by far the hottest woman on the planet right now!
#ImHavingLesbianicFeelings She’s perfect”
And that coming weeks after the Amy Schumer kiss
and almost a year after the Rihanna post where she
captioned the photo “F**k me”, we are thinking
Amber might have more than lesbian tendencies,
she might actually be a lesbian.
And now that she is single maybe she would date a
woman next? Who knows? We’ll leave it to Muva to
keep surprising us.


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