Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Help my brother disvirgined me 1st edition

  • My name is Tomiwa,,the only girl from the family of two, my elder brothers name is Damilare, we grew up with our parents,my dad who is a banker and my mum a lawyer this made it impossible for them to really have our time as they come very late and leave early for work that we were always very punctual in school, this not being the crime or bother us till we got to secondary school when Damilare was in ss3 and i was in ss1, by then we looked bigger thou we were very good both in our academical field and spiritual even morally till my brother met with a new set of friends..... What now happened stay with us for next edition on MY BROTHER AND I 2nd editiongbenleolukorede.blogspot


At 3 September 2013 at 01:52 , Blogger olukorede gbenle said...

for the release of the next edition, it depends on your comment but it will be released as soon as possible *wink*


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