Sunday, 29 September 2013


The supermodel may be taking on a new TV gig lol

If The Face is the next America's Next Top
Model, then Naomi Campbell is the next
Tyra Banks—or dare we say, Oprah (yeah,
we went there). An anonymous source close
to the 43-year-old model told Daily Mail
that the runway icon has been offered her
own chat show on a "major U.S. network"
thanks to the success of her reality TV
competition, The Face on Oxygen (which is
on its way to becoming an international
success, starting in the U.K. and then
moving to Australia).

"Naomi recently gave a lot of tough news
interviews on the subject of diversity in
fashion, and she excelled and really found
her role as intelligent commentator and
pundit fulfilling. She's had offers from Katie
Couric, The Today Show, and The View to be
a guest commentator and/or anchor. She's
too busy with The Face at the moment, but
after The Face Australia it is something she
is considering giving a go. Naomi is a
supermodel first and foremost, but she's
becoming much more comfortable on TV
now and really finding her voice. She's a
perfectionist and if she does give TV a go
she'd give Oprah a run for her money

After she recently walked in Diane von
Furstenberg's spring 2014 runway show,
we're convinced anything is possible for
fortysomething models. The iconic '90s
supes are back, and we're so on board (re:
We'd totally watch your talk show, Naomi).



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