Sunday, 20 October 2013

The album review by TW magazine that got Tiwa Savage angry!

Two days ago, Tiwa Savage lashed out at two editors of TW magazine over a review of her new album which was published in the magazine. Reading the review, I kinda understand why Tiwa was upset. The review was kinda insensitive considering Tiwa was their cover girl for the month. Find their review of the album, Once Upon A Time, below... 'Once Upon A Time opens with a Disney inspired fairy tale account of Tiwa Savage’s relationship with her manager Tunji ‘TBillz’ Balogun. Wanted, potent and upbeat reggae track, works as a great opener. Her lower register mode of singing works on Ileke, – a roll call for females to shake their booty – but fails miserably on others like Ejim Afia and Baby Mo. Tiwa Svaage is the first and foremost an RnB artiste and she doesn’t hide her natural comfort zone on quite a number of tracks as Olorun Mi, Middle Passage and Get Low. Her foray in pop music isn’t a total disaster, her Kele Kele and Love me x3 are exquisitely crafted pieces but the subtle Folarin fails to blow the mind. With 21 songs, one has to dig deep to find the real substance with too many fillers, too much autotune and too much Don Jazzy. However for a debut album, it’s a commendable effort’. Too much auto-tune and too much Don Jazzy? Wow! I was at the listening party and I was blown away by a lot of the songs I heard. As far as I'm concerned, Once Upon A Time is a good album!


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