Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Would you leave your guy over a small penis?

It's one thing to have your public proposal
rejected. Even worse to have it become a viral
video on YouTube. But the real knife twist in
the heart? When your beloved tells you why
she won't marry you: because you have a small
penis. This is Patrick Moote's story and the
reason why he decided to film his
documentary Unhung Hero exploring the age-
old question — does size matter?
When we've asked you guys if size matters in
the past, a majority of you said that it does.
But does it matter enough that you'd actually
break up with a guy who didn't have a Jon
Hamm-sized package? Watch the trailer for
Patrick's revealing "cock-umentary" below, and
weigh in on whether not being well-endowed is
a deal breake


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