Saturday, 25 January 2014

How to SAVE a relstionship

They say love is a beautiful thing,its a nice
feeling when you are in love, its amazing
to wake up every morniing knowing that
you love . Relationship changes as time
passes, there are those who last long and
some so short. If you love someone and
want to keep him or her forever try to
follow these simple tips:
1. Never ever say DONT and STOP to your
man. They hate this 4 letter word.
2. Never ever read messages on his
mobile phone nor answer calls.
3. Never ever deprive him of his time to
be with friends and family.
4. Never ever nag. Make your time
together as pleasant as possible.
5. Never ever be jealous . Sometimes
jealousy kills..even the LOVE.
6. Never ever forget to keep yourself
properly groom, must be clean in thought,
words and deeds.
7. Never ever forget your limitations as a
8. Never ever lie. somehow, somewhere
truth will always prevail so always tell the
no matter what it takes
9. Never ever forget to keep contact.
10. Always make GOD the CENTER of your


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