Saturday, 15 March 2014

Advice Me: I Caught My Girl In Bed With My Brother

This may sound like a story from
nollywood, but it actually
happened. I’m in a dilemma. i
happen to have a girlfriend whom
i care a lot about. I met her early
this year. She became close to my
heart and i showered her with
love and affection. I even
introduced her to my parents.
earlier on, my younger brother
came to visit me. I went with my
babe to pick him up at the car
park and we all got talking in the
car. we all went out together
during my brother’s stay with me.
this was in April.
About 3 weeks ago, my brother
came again. During that time, i
happened to be very busy at the
office and didn’t have time to see
my babe. Infact i couldn’t see her
for almost 10 days as i always
went to work before 7 and got
back home around 10pm.
Two saturdays ago, i had to go to
the office. I had earlier promised
my babe that i’ll come take her
out for the day, but at the last
minute, my boss called me and
told me that i had to do a few
things for her at the office. I had
to call her from the office and tell
her. she was upset naturally.
Thinking i’ll leave the office late, i
promised to see her the following
Luckily for me, i happened to
finish what i was doing in the
office by 1. I then called her to
tell her i was coming over, but
she didn’t pick up. I drove down
to her house, but she wasn’t at
home. I then decided to go home
and pick my younger brother up
(my dad wasn’t around that day)
and go watch a movie i had been
wanting to watch since.
immediately i got home, i noticed
a lady’s bag on the table in the
sitting room. I was wondering
who my brother had brought
home to see him yet again. I
went to the room and i heard
sounds inside. As the door was a
bit open, i peeped and what i saw
shocked me. There was my
brother b*****g the hell out of
my girlfriend!! They were both as
Unclad as the back of my hand.
the radio inside was on, so they
didn’t hear me as i stepped
inside. It was when the girl
looked up and saw me that she
pushed him off her, panic all over
her face. my brother too jumped
up and they were both looking at
me with fear over their faces. i
didn’t know when i attacked the
guy. we both fought like wounded
lions while the girl tried to
seperate us.
To cut a long story short, i
couldn’t dream of staying in the
house that nite. My dad came
back home later on and asked
after me(according to what he
said when he called). I told him to
ask my brother what he did that
made me leave the house. I
guess he later heard about it cos
he kept on calling me(he even
came to my office about twice)
telling me to forgive my brother. I
told him that as long as he was in
that house, i was not coming back
cos if i set my eyes on him, i was
going to kill him, cos this wasn’t
the first time he was going to
take a girl i liked from me.
My girlfriend too has been beggin
me since. she was like she never
knew what got over her that day,
that she was lonely, and that she
came over hoping that she’ll wait
till i got home, and both of them
started talking about relationships
and stuff. before they knew what
they were doing, they had started
kissing themselves and then they
were making out in bed. I didn’t
buy it.
This happened about ten days
ago. I’ve not gone home since
then. i put up with one of my
friends, but no one knows i’m
with him. The girl has been
begging me seriously since then
to forgive her. My brother too has
been asking for my forgiveness,
but i told him that if he likes
himself, he shouldn’t try seeing
me. My mom in the states too
heard about it and has been
calling me to forget about the
issue. i’m in a dilemma.
Please what can i do? i need ur
help people.


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