Sunday, 31 August 2014

Skin care trends from around the world From facial massages to essences and powders, these are the most buzzed about skin care trends you need to try for flawless skin.

Trend: Facial massage Country of origin: Korea The buzz: Korean women never skimp on their skincare routines. Not only do they use a dozen or more products daily, but they also have a precise protocol of how they massage the products on. They work serums, treatments and moisturizers in to the skin with a series of pinches, pulls and upward strokes to get a coveted, contoured v-shape, slim silhouette. Why it’s so popular: Not only do the upward strokes defy gravity, but they increase skin’s glow and help to detoxify the skin since it stimulates lymphatic drainage for gives a subtle lifting effect. Coming to a vanity near you: This facial massage trend means that there’s a surge of sculpting products hitting the market. Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum GALLERY: Get to know these essential skin care ingredients Trend: Facial cleansing powders Country of origin: Japan The buzz: Facial cleansing powders are the perfect mix of effective cleansing and exfoliating. The super-fine grain, silky powders are usually made from a combination of granular rice bran, plant-based exfoliators and botanical enzymes and since they’re so gentle they can be use daily. How to use: Rub a nickel-sized of the powder amount in to wet palms until it forms into an paste and massage on to face to buff away dirt and oil – not to worry about scratching the skin since granules will melt away. Coming to a vanity near you: While Dermalogica’s Microfoliant continues to be a cult favourite, expect this trend to gain momentum especially in North America where microbead cleansers are being phased out due to environmental concerns. These exfoliating powders are ideal for travel since they’re liquid-free.


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