Thursday, 7 July 2016

WTF Is Up With Calvin Harris After What He Just Did to Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

And just like that, Calvin Harris was totally over Taylor Swift. JK JK JK!

But, the Scottish DJ has gone forward and pressed a "like" on an Instagram photo of his ex and her new boyfriend experiment, Tom Hiddleston. Check  out what he said

It takes a strong man to like a photo of his ex-lady with her legs wrapped around her new man whilst they rocket down Taymerica. Or maybe he pulled a crazy move where it's like, "I'll show her I'm still here and with this like, she will know she hurt me and I'm still standing but just barely!"
Or maybe his dog did it?

I think it's interesting that the only one of her many, many Fourth of July photos that he liked was the one that had her new boyfriend half-naked in it. So um ... yeah. Calvin, maybe it's best to unfollow and block your ex to prevent any future Instagram freakouts, which I feel are most definitely eminent. Everyone grab your popcorn, because this is definitely not over yet!

Prolly A seasonal movie😉😉

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