Thursday, 5 September 2013

Final part;My Brother Disvirgined Me

''What is your business with what I am doing too'' he responded,''would you talk to your legs to move your freaking ass and leave this Place or the big boys will help you with it' I found it hard to believe my ears till I noticed he was drunk, with heavy heart I vacated the premises till school was over for the day On getting home our parents had travelled and left us some cash and a note. But even if they hadn't traveled how would I have told my mum? That was what I was thinking till I heard my brother humming and moaning from the sitting room So I went to check him And to my surprise he was seeing an Xrated movie,O my God,he was seeing a blue film with an alcoholic drink in his hands I called him but he didn't answer, So I went to tap him to tell him how wrong it was but instead I got in the cot as he grabbed me and took me to our parents bedroom,and started ripping off my dress,I struggled with him So much but the more I fought the more stronger he gets on me till he had his way and when he was done he stumbled out of the room. Then the next day i couldnt go any where i was just indoor crying i just couldnt imagine telling anyone,i felt so bad and used,what then do i have as pride?,he took away my pride,my dignity and the joy i have as a lady,that i used in boasting to my friends, Even if i was going to loose it it should not be to my brother, I felt it should be my happiest moment with someone i will love to remember having sex with, Not my brother!!! Oh not my blood!! later he tried to apologize but I found him So irritating that I cant call his name,stand with him because I will surely remember that night. This was how we lived in the house quietly without crossing eachothers path till our parents got back and I didn't know what to do I was scared of my parents,hated my brother So much that he knew it and stopped moving with his gangs and kept on begging please help me. How do I do myself advice me either on this blog or on this number 08159069936 or


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