Sunday, 26 January 2014

Grammys 2014: Red Carpet Yays, Nays and Crays

Katy Perry in Valentino. Images via Getty. Either the big wigs at CBS reissued last year's anti-skin memo or stylists have decided to abide by it this time around, because today's Grammy Awards red carpet is looking pretty classy so far . Of course, this could change at any second, because unlike those other highbrow awards shows, the Grammys always end up being one helluva party. Check out this year's looks as they roll out in realtime. Now that's an updo. Paris Hilton breaking this year's conservative red carpet with a sheer number by Haus of Milani. Paris is going to have fun removing that glitter nail polish later. Bonnie McKee, artist and Katy Perry writing collaborator, in MEMEKA by Gustavo Cadile. Close-up on Bonnie's clutch and mani situation.


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