Monday, 31 March 2014

Questions every Nigerian must answer

 Why are we so docile in Nigeria? Or is the apt wordfoolish?We are being cheated yet we remain quiet why?We pay tax yet we provide our own source of power,water, roads and security [OPC, Bakassi e.t.c]Those who eke out a living are being molested by thegovernment [The gala and pure water sellers] Thepolice have become licensed thieves. The traditionalrulers have become leaders of gangsters. Street urchins[Agbero] molest commercial motorcyclist (vehicles)collecting another man’s sweat
Do we know the number of able-bodied men running ahundred meters every min just to sell 'one' 50 nairagala? Do we know how many of them are in Lagos alone? What if they put down their galas and pure waters andturn to armed robbery?Will they attack the upper class? Why are we fightingbfor a meagre minimum wage of 18 000? Is it ever goingto be approved? Why will a senator in this country earn50 000 000 naira a month? Will they ever decreasetheir salary?With the way citizens buy the 1 000 000 naira 'Mikano'and 'John Holt' generators,will we ever witness stable power in Nigeria?Why will any sane man wake up in the morning andtake his ride through gulliesand a minimum of two hour holdups every day for thenext ten years?Why will he spend 4 hours on a road that should takehim 20mins and not feel that breaking the jaw of his local government chairman isthe next line of action? Joke;Do you know your local government chairman?How many high-profile cases have our police solved?Who killed Bola Ige the number 3 man in thefederation? Why will a man who steals a woman's
Badge  sentenced to two years in prison while Cecilia Ibru who stole and wrecked the lives of thousand get thingseasy? When will our backs be against the wall?When would we say enough is enough?what can be done to inspire youths to FORCE a change



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