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5 eyeliner mistakes you didn’t know you were making Think you have your cat eye or smudged liner down? Think again, these 5 tips will take your liner to the next beauty level.

Perfect your eyeliner in all forms (smoked,crisp, winged, or delicate) by making sure
you’re not making one of these common
mistakes that Rimmel Canadian makeup artist
and spokesperson, Vanessa Jarman shares with

1. Dull tools
“It's not uncommon to use an eye pencil that's
dull more often than not,” says Jarman. That
means you won’t be creating a clean, perfected
line when your sweep across. “Simply keep a
pencil sharpener in your bag and make a habit
of sharpening your pencil as need be.” Jarman
suggests every 2-3 makeup applications.

2. Skipping the shadow
Does you eyeliner ever smudge or transfer up
your lids? You must have skipped your eye
shadow step. “Even when it's placed tightly to
your lash line, you may notice those nasty
transfers to your lids,” says Jarman. “Usually
the transfer isn't seen with your eyes open,
but every time you look down the transfer is
visible.” It’s all because the natural oils on
your eyelids causes the liner to move. “This
can be easily prevented by simply
remembering to apply a shadow or face
powder to the eye lids first.” Take it further by
prepping lids with primer before shadow.
NOTE: Using waterproof pencils will last longer
before a transfer but even then your eyelid
oils can break that down.

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3. Not removing all of your eyeliner
“We use eyeliner to rim the inside and outside
of our lash lines,” says Jarman. “Removing this
type of eye makeup can sometimes be
challenging.” Here are Jarmon’s tips for making
sure you remove all that makeup and liner
- “Apply makeup remover on a cotton pad and
place directly over your eye. Hold for 5-10
seconds allowing the remover to absorbs into
makeup before wiping. Repeat this step 2-3
times depending on the intensity of your eye
- “Try not to pull the cotton pad down along
your cheek. This will only move your dark eye
make up from zone A to B, creating a bigger
mess to clean.”
- “Q-tips are the perfect applicator for
wiggling tightly and precisely through the root
of your lashes for that final clean up.”
4. Eyeliner gaps
“Mascara isn't the only product you should
apply starting at the root of your lashes, be
sure to do this with your eyeliner as well,” says
Jarman. Otherwise you could end up with a
slight gap between your lashes and the liner –
especially fair-haired women.

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5. Nix the hard pencils
“The softer your pencil is, the easier the
application will be,” advises Jarman. “It's rare
to find an eye pencil on the market today that
won't apply smoothly or isn't soft. And if you
happen to have an old pencil in your makeup
bag that's difficult to apply, it's time to toss it
in the trash!” A soft pencil will create a clean,
straight line, but can also be easily smudged
into a smoky eye. “You will find brighter,
bolder and more impactful finishes with the
newer eye liner formulas out there,” says


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