Friday, 15 August 2014

Lizzy's Weekend; Me and my Boss⇨Fresh Episode

Hey fellas!!! How was your day and how are you enjoying the weekend? I guess fine as I can assure you that my days has been so great nd my weekend is working out on being the best to be recorded Asides the fact that I just got paid this week at work, My boss is kinda liking me (who gets past me anyway*wink*) Who's surprised, I still said like..... Okay it started like this, After my interview he gave me a warm hug and there was this smile on his face that made me know I sure was gon get this job which I did, First week at work was great, second was sweet as he came into my office on Monday and we chatted real nice Getting to know ourselves, His name is Oladimeji but he loves to be called Alex, from our chat that day I got to know he wasn't named Alex from birth but as he said "I love the name because it's sexy" I was so surprised how someone can change his name with the thought of it being sexy. I kindof like Dimeji but he explained his reason that........... O.M.G I gotta go he's honking right now... he's outside Catch you guys tomorrow as you know I get to gist you all through the weekend (Friday to Sunday)...till tomorrow byeeeeeee!!!!


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