Sunday, 11 January 2015

Cool sunday.....

Keftyz Sunday......
Church was great and fun but let on my way to church, I saw three ladies going to church and fine going to Church is fine and cool
You can dress however to please yourself and make sure you are not doing it wrongly maybe you are leading others to sin
        Now back to my story ••••
This three ladies did not offend me o,but they did not please me with the way the dressed

The first lady; Was wearing a nice top with cool blazer,and to spoil the beauty of the combo she wore a black short skirt, straight at the top then flair at the bottom {very short skirt} finally was the heels she wore.....
Twas so penciled and long that even on a nice ground she would slip

The second lady ;There's no need for plenty story but the lady almost dressed like the first and unfortunately for

The third lady; She was the shortest wore normal length short skirt,tied a long white scarf and carried a bag and unlike the rest she wore no heels

Have I judged too much....tell me what you think


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