Monday, 8 December 2014

Pastor Transfers Marriage Anointing By Kissing Naked Women's Butts!!!

This is one of the most disgustingly hilarious things
you will ever hear.
Can you imagine a scenario where women strip at
the beach for a supposed 'pastor' to kiss the cleft
of their buttocks all in a bid to get married!!!
Butts of all sizes, colours and shapes lined up to
get the holy marriage-inviting kiss from a bare
chested, pot-bellied pastor.
It is not a confirmed fact, neither is the church
names, but the idea of it is as shocking as it is
The only conclusion I can give is that the women
are victims of a pervert who loves to get his face
in black booty.
I hope its just a dirty Twitter prank.
If it's not, Wha'anda might just ditch writing to
become an marriage pastor.


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