Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sex And Love 4 Romantic Positions You Can Try Anytime, Anywhere


Sex as an emotional or physical act always good
(when it is not rape of course).
But it becomes boring and tedious for many when
it is routine and nothing new is introduced from
time to time.
Some people have even restricted sex to the
bedroom or t the mi
1. The Hot Seat: This is a kinky position that you
can try anywhere, maximising the tightest of
spaces. The girl should sit between the guy'
legs . In this position, the woman controls the
angle of entry by arching while riding back and
2. The Ballet Dancer: Where space is an issue,
this position comes handy. Both of you should
stand facing one another. The woman should
then wrap one of her legs around his buttocks
or thigh and use it to pull him into you. It is
3. Quickie Fix: Try this for times when you want
to get it over with quickly anywhere anytime.
Like doggy style, the woman should bend at the
waist and rest her hands on something for
support. The guy penetrates from behind
holding her hips. He could also reach around to
stimulate the clitoris. Its awesome.
4. Iron Chef: This style allows the woman to wrap
both her legs around the guy's waist with the
help of a an elevated platform. He hold her up
while penetrating without really doing too much
hard work.
Try them out and get it hot with your partner once


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