Sunday, 14 September 2014

Victoria Bechams New Collection

Working with Victoria Beckham for so
many years, you come to realize one thing:
There is absolutely nothing this determined
and capable woman cannot do. Four
children? No problem, whilst running an
ever-expanding global empire, no less. So it
almost goes without saying that this season,
Victoria decided to challenge herself and
push her limits. Beauty and comfort
shouldn’t be mutually exclusive; they
should go hand in hand, and she is a
woman who knows this fact. Victoria’s
basics – the formfitting “miracle dresses,” as
I call them – remain the backbone of her
line, but this season, Victoria is unleashing
new shapes as she toys with the
preconceived notions of femininity.
“Everything feels very light,” Victoria said
after the show. Indeed, neutral hues and the
natural texture of jute abound (she enjoys
reworking fabrics in her studio), and fluid
pantsuits speak of business and lithe maxi-
dresses are all about easy elegance. The bags
have been shrunken and structured to
perfection, while the skirts are slit up to
here and there, yet there’s barely a reveal
to be found. Indeed, Victoria is very
measured in her tailoring choices. She opts
for subtle flashes of skin. Take your pick
between pretty florals in girly yellows and
pinks and bold black and white stripes.
Either way, it’s a commitment but one I’m
more than willing and working to make.
Peek-a-boo belts are woven through the
waists of smart shift dresses and long, lean,
multi-pocket jackets for an effect that’s at
once achingly sophisticated and über-
functional. These weightless spring coats are
what Victoria calls the “perfume” of her
collection, and it’s true: they softly set the
mood for the collection, without permeating
or overtaking.
So what’s next? Victoria’s own shoe line,
unveiled on this season’s runway, which
includes semi-chunky flatform sandals and
super-low-cut booties with mild stacked
heels. “I said I wanted to start doing shoes
when I couldn’t find what I wanted myself,”
she explained, “and now is the time for me
to start doing that.” Working with an
Italian factory, she is going for a “heavier
hand,” which translates to chic flats that
she’s aware people aren’t expecting from
her. She described the resulting look best:
“modern, cool, young.” Her first store is
slated to open, but for the Spring ’15
moment, the focus is on lightweight
wearability and refined simplicity. And fun!
As serious as she is about her work, Victoria
maintains: “I wanted to have fun with it
because that’s what it’s all about.”


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