Tuesday, 2 September 2014

2 Women Hide Stolen Rolex Watches In Their Vaginas

Three women have been arrested in Las
Vegas after they robbed 2 men of their
Rolex watches.

The suspects, Bryanna Warren, Trinity
Kennard and Charmella Triggs then hid the
expensive timepieces in their vagina.

Warren and Triggs were said to have flirted
with one of their victims who was staying at a
hotel with his friend. They met for drinks and
invited Kennard to the room.
Two of the women then got involved in sex
acts with the victims which led the men to
take off their watches, priced at $12,000 and
The women stole the watches and then
escaped from the scene and video footage
showed them hiding the items inside their
They have been charged with burglary,
conspiracy to commit grand larceny and
conspiracy to commit robbery.


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