Saturday, 6 June 2015

Akon’s “Solar Academy” To Supply Electricity To 600 Million Africans

While many entertainers are worried about
their “Shine”, Akon continues to focus on
harnessing the power of the sun’s shine for the
betterment of African people.
People are familiar with Akon’s Lighting Africa
initiative whose goal is to provide 600 million
Africans with electricity they currently lack.
However, last week he announced the launch of
a new “Solar Academy” for African’s to learn
how to build, manage and fix the systems, grids,
and platforms necessary to provide electricity.
From The Source:
The institution, scheduled to open this summer in
Mali, will train African engineers and
entrepreneurs with the skills needed to develop
solar-powered electricity systems and micro
grids. Training equipment and programs will be
supplied by European angel investors.
Harnessing solar energy is an ideal way to
enable those Africans without electricity to get it
since Africa has 320 days of sunshine a
year. Samba Baithily co-founder of Akon
Lighting Africa said,

“We have the sun and innovative technologies to
bring electricity to homes and communities. We
now need to consolidate African expertise.”
Many people in the global black community are
talking about change, but Akon is putting his
time, money and celebrity where his mouth is
and creating it.
Hats off to this young brother. The UI
community salutes you.
What do you think of Akon’s Solar Academy?

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