Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Smashed Glass, Horrific Robberies – A Commuter’s blow-by-blow Account in Lagos Traffic this Morning

This morning, a series of robberies occurred during the daily morning commute, in the MUSON area of Onikan, Lagos.

The area which is known for regular  heavy traffic every weekday, as most
workers who live in Lagos ‘mainland’ head to the ‘island’
business district for their jobs.

A popular Twitter voice,
@BabatundeCASH , shared the
blow-by-blow account on his Twitter page.

The Lagos State
government has replied as well, promising to increase
patrol in the area.

Here’s his story:
A woman was robbed on Onikan bridge inwards V.I this
morning in traffic, It was so horrifying...

(@BabatundeCASH) November 17, 2015
we were in traffic at about 5:45AM this morning accessing
V.I through the bridge that leads into onikan roundabout…
Those guys are always lurking around there waiting for
their next victim preferable women…

They walked close to a lady in a black Camry, stood at both
sides of her doors, put a white cloth on her door glass

Boom!!! Window smashes
Before I could even understand what was going on, They
opened her door and took everything they could from the
Car. I just asked myself…
Who's next?

I took my windows down hid my phone
and kept my tab where they could see it…I was willing to
sacrifice that not my life.
3 cars behind me as well, Another set of robbers..Another
car, An SUV this time another Female…ROBBED! All in that
traffic to enter Onikan
you could tell they had an entourage lurking around…they
didn’t look armed but you never can tell…they looked like
area boys
No Police, No security agents at sight to help…just Unarmed
citizens looking at each other helplessly. It was a scary
It’s sad nothin is being done about these robberies, Cos I
can bet they will be there again tomorrow, Same Time
waiting for the new target..Then others responded

@BabatundeCASH @LAGOSGMT1 the lady is my colleague.
almost all her documents was in the bag they snatched
from her. So sad!

— Brownsugar (@SugarSugarXXX) November 17, 2015

@BabatundeCASH I feel sorry for her, she was in pain cos
of the glass that was smatched on her, they strangled her
too. So sad this happened

— Brownsugar (@SugarSugarXXX) November 17, 2015

Traffic robberies in progress on the onikan bridge. (Muson)
Four men in grey hoods attacking vehicles.
— Day 582 of Abduction (@yinkanubi) November 17, 2015

@BabatundeCASH @Gidi_Traffic I had the same experience
on Thursday last week at Ikosi tollgate by 7:20pm my
window smashed n my phone taken — Ogbonnaya Chinonye

(@ogbonnayachi) November 17, 2015
Then Lagos State responded
@BabatundeCASH we sincerely empathise with you on the
robbery experience.

— LASG Monitoring Team (@LAGOSGMT1) November 17,

@BabatundeCASH But more importantly we appreciate your
detailed feedback. — LASG Monitoring Team
(@LAGOSGMT1) November 17, 2015
@BabatundeCASH we’ll take actions & ensure that this
doesn’t happen to any other Lagosian We promise to
intensify effort around Muson center
— LASG Monitoring Team (@LAGOSGMT1) November 17,
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