Sunday, 17 January 2016

Jump From Paper Bags: You’re So Animated

Forget traditional trompe l’oeil.

Forget bags made to look like takeout containers and ice buckets for champagne.
Forget even the most atrocious of kitschy bags. There’s a whole new breed of bag humor on the scene, and it’s designed to play a total trick on your eyes.

Mission accomplished!
Thanks to the aptly named brand Jump From Paper, cartoons have come to life. Their backpacks, totes, and crossbody bags seriously look like they’ve leapt off the cartoonist’s page or screen, and onto your arm. These aren’t just conversation pieces. They’re straight-up confusion pieces, enough to inspire at least a few “How did they do that?” comments with every outing.

This is wearable art, literally. So what’s your take: Is your eye fascinated enough to consider channeling your own anime character?


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