Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lizzys weekend

 You won't believe What I saw on my first day of resumption at work... In the morning before work a short meeting was held where everybody had to introduce their selves and post held, Then after the meeting, I left for my office,along the line I saw a guy rushing towards the conference room where the just concluded meeting was held,i was about moving to the other side for him not to hit me before he eventually did "Ha! O my God!,and i was about to move for you not to hit me" i said,arranging the files with me, "I am so sorry Miss,its just that I am So late for the meeting" he begged, But while he talked I was not concentrating, I was So gone standing before a wonderful creation of God, Mahn!! he was looking So handsome and calm although he was sweating but beneath the sweat stood a sweet handsome guy 'Miss are you new here? Hey miss!' He called and I replied, 'Oh sorry sir,I was lost'. Then I introduced myself to him as Elizabeth and by the time he was done introducing himself I got to knw that he was the head of my department. I was amazed as he was looking So young and cute, Oladimeji was the name but he was my most handsome at that time, If not for the fact that I was determined to be independent,I had guys Who were okay and ready to fund my needs and guys who were already doing it,this made me find guys less attractive but Dimeji case was different, I tried thinking off him but the picture wouldn't just cease to appear . But why? I don't know but maybe nextweek sha I will know but till then please let the crush be a secret between Us *wink*


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