Monday, 27 January 2014

Does the Cold Weather Make You More or Less Promiscuous? Discuss

I just checked the local weather, and
today, it's a balmy 39 degrees. Of
course, that's still winter weather, but
compared with the temperatures we've
had for most of January, it feels so
downright tropical, I may go sit out on
my back porch and sunbathe during
lunch. Kidding, of course, but guys, it's
been sooooo cold, right?
Which got us at Smitten talking about
what effect that has on our love lives.
Does it kill the mood entirely because
it's just too freezing to leave the house,
even for a date with a cute guy? Or does
it actually make you more likely to head
home with a guy who lives closer to the
restaurant than you do, for the extra
warmth of cuddling and to save yourself
the longer walk home?
For me, it's mostly had no effect since
I've had kind of a dud period for
romance for quite some time. So,
combine my usual love-phobia with my
brrr-induced desire to never leave the
house, and my love life has remained
mostly the same: nonexistent. But I do
have a story as relates to the cold
changing my dating decisions! A few
weeks ago, I had a first date, which, in a
huge twist on how first dates usually go,
was great. I met him at a bar for a
drink, which turned into several drinks
and lots of conversation, which
continued when he walked me home
and ended at about 3 A.M. when we
were both dozing off on my couch.
Because we had gotten nearly a foot of
snow the day before, and the
temperature was approximately one
below frostbite at that time of night, we
both agreed that it made the most
sense for him to just stay until there
was at least sunlight to guide him
through the frozen tundra that was
Brooklyn. I put on my old-man-style
pajamas to make it clear it wasn't going
to be the sexiest of sleepovers, and the
only "sleeping together" that happened
was of the actual snoring-and-drool-
inducing kind. Still, it wasn't how I'd
usually end (or delay the end of, rather)
a first date, but, hey, you can't send a
cute guy off into the cold, can you?
Although if you must know, it worked
out just swimmingly when I never heard
from him again. Bah, humbug. I'm
staying inside until it warms up again.
What about you guys? If you're in an
area that's been polar vortex-y, how
has it been affecting your love life?
Good, bad, or not at all? Please spill
your winter dating stories!


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