Monday, 31 March 2014


Do not let any mortal ink WRITE off your future:Everyone in life has a HISTORY of past failure.Do not let critique crush your crude creativity,Keep dancing to the drumbeat of dare-dexterity.The seeds that gave birth to big trees were small;So keep watering and weeding till you stand tall.A man whose heart is full of the pains of the past Will have a future framed with pictures of his past.The good old days are radiant rays to remember,But better days await those who do not slack or slumber.Learn from the past and leave its pitiable pains; in the present and lend from its golden grains.Long for tomorrow, looking out for hope and help;Do not let your yesterday make you yell or yelp.Worry does not sack rainfall from the swollen skies;It only brings more dust and cloud to soil the eyes.The fear of the unknown cannot scare away shadows;It tames today and taints the treasure of tomorrow.Regrets over the past cannot bring a conscience;It puts the man on reverse gear and stark silence.Disappointments and denial can only knock down;Discouragement and depression make him drown.Everyone has a past, present and future…to fly or frown;Only the courageous and consistent take the crown.You cannot walk backwards and arrive at the future.Do not chain your future, change past pictures.


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