Monday, 26 January 2015

Good evening friends/family,

I got this piece and after reading it, a sense of passing it across to you touched me from above...

Good day people, vote your conscience. Don't be manipulated. If your pastor says don't vote for a Muslim, ask him if Daniel served a saint; whether Modeccai did not serve King Ahaseurus and if Joseph was not a prime Minister under Pharaoh.

This election is not about North versus South, nor is it Christian versus Muslim. It is about Nigeria and good governance. Don't allow politicians divide us.

When they share money, they don't talk about religion. When they want donations from Aliko Dangote, they don't remember he is a Muslim. When they enter an aircraft, they don't ask the religious faith of the pilot. When their bosses are atheists, they don't resign from the job. When an Alhaji gives them contracts, they don't reject it. They and their wives go to Dubai to spend money. Dubai is in United Arab Emirate but they have no problems buying houses in Dubai.

But when it comes to politics back home, they say they want to ISLAMISE you. Yet, some of these people were spiritual consultants to Abacha. Vote your conscience.

If you want to vote for Jonathan, vote for him based on your conviction that he has performed in your estimation and not because he is a "Christian". If you want to vote for Buhari, vote for him because you feel disenchanted with Jonathan government, not because he is a Muslim. NB- sure You all reminded what happened in rwanda Years ago..

Say NO to bigotry.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless you.


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