Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What If ◆◆◆◆

Holla! Peeps
Welcome to What IF with Dearkefty

It's an imaginary program that has to do with the imagination of people and today talking about myself

Earlier today I was with my friends Shade,Vicky and Fiyin then I told told  Shade I was a Samson's{shades bf } place last night and because  late I had to  passe the night there and she screamed••••Then I was like no no!! Samson didn't agree then I went to Notes room since they stayed close and Vicky did the same thing again. And I was surprised...... although it didn't happen  and we joked about it but still What if?

So friends Reason with me, What if it actually was true or should I say how would u feel or react if you were in any ones shoe!!!  Drop your comments or call 08096226393 or 0815906936 for your opinion



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