Friday, 16 January 2015

Mistakes Men Make In A Relationship Part1; In the beginning you did lots to get your lady

Mistakes Men Make In A Mistake1; In the beginning you did lots to get your lady,and then you stop doing What attracted her to you in the first place this will drive a wedge between you Getting a woman isn't like fishing
When you go fishing, You use bait and that's all, You no longer need the Bait. In dating it is wrong to that Cuz whatever you used in the beginning to get the Relationship started needs to be used to MAINTAIN. The Relationship if not the woman will feel like "something is missing" and that something is different "

WOMEN feel cheated or deceived when after they got into a Relationship you are suddenly not the deal they sign up for

Maybe then you call her like three times a day and suddenly it turns to once in three days, Or you used to show passion for soap Opera when wooing her, then later it all about boring football talk! And you hang out more with your friends than her she feels conquered that is you are moving on after catching another fish or you no longer felt the need to work hard on your Relationship. You worked harder to get her you must work hard to keep her otherwise you lose her

Never forget; you must continue t se set of good things she saw in younger saying yes and likewise you must also find What attracted her to you and continue to work on it
You buy a power bike for it's speed and not because it's good to carry passengers. The moment the speeds gone then it is no longer relevant for it's use.....



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