Tuesday, 16 June 2015

5 Months to Live? What Is Tonto Dikeh Trying to Say?

Tonto Dikeh’s post some minutes ago is scary..And
just like others,I’m confused and hope it’s not what
I’m thinking..If it is, she is already healed by her faith
..Just read

“Wokeup today with a joyful heart,With
a smile that only The Angels would
understand..Am Happy even thru my
pains and sorrows… I see LIFE
differently and I wonder why he saves
me each time,A little girl died this
morning.She was my friend for a
week,She was A great lil girl and she cld
pray.. She believed and was faithful,God
has his reasons.. But am alive And from
this day I have only one thing to
promise myself hardcore Self love and
happiness..Am in a Very happy Place
with me,Scared of course but am excited
to know that I can be happy through
I use my self as a point of Contact to
every sick person,I don’t know wat u re
going thru but I proclaim healing and
health into your lives.. By his stripes
you are healed,I asked God for a
miracle.It didn’t come as a healing it
came in form of a Man (MrX) who is
ready to hold my hands and make sure I
know nothing but happiness till the
end…Identify your miracle and Give
God d glory even when the doctors say
“Ma’am u have 5months to live…
#ISmile #StrongWoman #HappyWoman
#Special thanks to @sir_rozlah #No Pity
party needed #HAPPY WEEKEND

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