Monday, 16 September 2013

Lizzys Weekend

Welcome to another edition of Lizzy's weekend....... That was how that week went with the crush I still don't know the reason but I know he's Young He can't be more than 26,he is handsome,cute and rich and I hope he's gone be good *wink* We went on doing as we should as boss and staff not until yesterday that he called me into his office himself. Mehn I felt so good but I could not show much,immediately I adjusted my make-up and my wear "Here I am sir" I said, expecting him to admire the fine girl before him "How are you today" he asked and I replied Fine then he began "Elizabeth see I don't want to disturb you but I just need you to spare me some minutes to talk about what has been troubling me for sometimes now,I am not forcing you but I beg you listen so you can help me and as a Lady I know you are in the best position to help me" What can it be? Or is the feeling mutual? I thought Then I replied "what can it be let me know if I can help or not', I was puzzled I didn't know what it could be but maybe nextweekend sha... Just stay with us.@Olukorede Gbenles Blog every weekend *wink*


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