Monday, 27 January 2014

30 Hot New Things to Try in Bed This Year

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, the usual suspects are a snooze. Dieting is boring, saving money is hard, and keeping your closet color- coded just isn't going to happen. So why not make a resolution you'll actually enjoy keeping? Read on for 30 sex-life resolutions to start off the year right— they're way too much fun to abandon halfway through the month. Sex-Life Resolution: Pull an All- Nighter Put aside the 23-minute routine you've got down to a science for the kind of luxurious, hours-long sex you used to have when you first met. Sex-Life Resolution: Tell Him What You Want. In Detail This year, resolve to leave nothing unsaid. Tell your partner every detail about what you want more of (and less of) when it comes to sex. Be clear on exactly how you like it (instead of wishing he'd figure it out). Sex-Life Resolution: Dress Up. Regularly Bust out that insanely sexy outfit he thinks you look hot in, no matter how ridiculous you think it is. And don't make him wait until this time next year to see it again. Sex-Life Resolution: Be (a Little) Selfish In the new year, vow to not feel obligated to return the favor every time. It's OK to have a night all about you once in a while. Sex-Life Resolution: Wake Him Up for Sex Next time your guy is asleep (and you're wide awake), take off his pants and start kissing him slowly while using your hands to wake him up. Share Sex-Life Resolution: Move the Way You Want Stop wondering if you're taking too long or moving too fast. Do what feels good for you. Sex-Life Resolution: Make It a Celebration Enjoy a bottle of champagne with dinner —then finish it by pouring it all over your guy in the shower. Sex-Life Resolution: Find New Favorite Body Parts Spend time exploring every inch of each other—who knows, you might love having your toes sucked, and he might like getting his ear nibbled. Expect more from the next edition let me go and get more clues *winks* enjoy the week.....


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