Saturday, 10 May 2014

Today in TASUED with the stars...Reminisce,Orezi .......

Today was real nd great fun....
The likes of Orezi,Reminisce,Lace and Terry g was in my school and it was real fun...

Let's talk about what brought them:

Etisalat was having a raffle which one needs to purchase two Sims and get a ticket for the draw

This has been going on till yesterday Thursday when Niyi Adesanya came and gave lovely speeches which we will talk about later today... and a comedian Bash was also there to Comediate our system with sweet jokes and phones were given out
To my surprise some people were called to come for their gift but  were absent. Loooool:! (It dare not be me.. me wey dey dia sef no get nyfin) and the guy who even got the laptop on his way to collect his gift the ticket was snatched IMAGINE!!!
But to the glory of God and fortunately for him he had an I'd card with him to confirm his personality And we danced and left.. in preparation for Today with the hope of getting the car: (can't watch xxx)
And today When it was time ball was played and I had test which I attended and after the lecturer exchanged word with another hefty guy in my class bout punches (no tell 4 me o )
And after test we went on the field 2 see the match and the then the stars came up on stage to perform
  There were other competitions such as Rap attack that the winner got 50thousand naira cash and the call of winners of three phones today and the winner of the car emerged
Uhmm and here I am telling you how my day went. All is well


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