Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lizzy's Weekend;Me and My Boss⇨2nd Episode

Welcome back guys, lastnight was fun,so so so cool Uhmm...let Me continue from where I stopped yesterday I kindof like Dimeji but he explained his reason that......... "You know if a lady wants to get something from you they go D-I-M-E-J-I but Alex is just Alex Take for instance , on bed after doing good to the girl you get, Alex you are a very very bad boy (in lady's voice)" Very funny, but seriously I like Oladimeji, the name so fit my friendly boss, Now let's assess him together, he's tall,handsome, he has this athletic body that makes him so strong and fit when he stands, he's so neat.that His Suit always brings out the best in the boss my boss is but whenever he's on Native wear or normal shirt, Oh My God!! I won't lie to you and you have to believe me I feel like hugging the chest out of the body because it's so uhm....... Fanimorous as we used to say back in the days, anyway I meant Enticing ,I so love to feel his packs and strong chest... And when he talks it goes through my ear to my head⇨then down my belly Although I don't know why . Inshort Enough of my boss, Me sef na fine babe abeg. But I was only trying to describe my boss and nothing more, just to tell you I don't see any reason why Alex that has no meaning should take the place of Oladimeji Some will think I'm falling for him but I am not oooo, He's just nice and of all the babes under his leadership he chose to be my friend Nice one But you know what, On Thursday I had my greatest shock. I got to work very early as usual then went for devotion like we do every day then after prayer I headed for my office YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW!!! My....I think we should continue from here tomorrow...... I gotta go You can call this number 08096226393 for any question or talk to Lizzy herself


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