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Ladies Only ! 5 Signs That Shows A Man Does Not Love You

Love should not be one - sided . Love should be an
exchange of loyalty , sincerity and charity . If you seem
to be the only one giving these qualities to your
relationship, take some time to consider who you are
with. Though it can be difficult to see warning signs
when you are head of heels in love , the cost of not doing
so is devastating .
When you are dating, try to separate your head from
your heart . In this ‘ honeymoon ’ stage of the
relationship, we tend to think that everything our love
does is exciting and romantic. But this part of the
courtship period should be used to analyze similarities
and differences between you . Try to see your
relationship at face value , without all the romance .
Dating needs to be a time to share experiences and
maybe get a glimpse at what your future would be like
together . If you are paying attention to more than the
b* tterflies in your stomach , you might see that you
aren’ t getting his full attention or devotion . Now is the
time to see if this relationship would be worth it or not .

1 When you both don't share goals

Even though both of you have independent lives and
personalities , there should be some goals you share as
a couple.
If the someone in your life isn ’ t sharing his
achievements , applauding yours, looking to participate
in any sort of goal you and him can reach together be
warned ; he ’ s not that interested.

2. You are your own support system

If he really loves you , he will be there with you as you
make decisions about your future .
He should be someone who is your partner through joy
and pain , seeking to find ways to help and support you .
Love is all about give and take. Be sure that the person
you are with is giving, not just taking .

3. Things are too independent

There needs to be a balance in all things , especially in a
relationship. While you need to spend time doing your
own thing , if your partner is constantly choosing other
activities over you , please reconsider . Television ,
sports, and video games are fine hobbies to have , but
they shouldn’t be where he spends all of his time .

4 You two are on different wavelengths

Having your own thoughts and opinions are a part of
being your own person , but there should be some
shared qualities between you and your partner . If the
two of you are pulling in different directions , that will
cause conflict and disagreement in your relationship .
While some disagreement can be good in a relationship,
if he is unwilling to compromise in what he thinks is
right, that will spell trouble for later on .

5. There are affection and intimacy issues

Even if your partner is very affectionate , make sure he
respects you . If your relationship is purely based on
physical attraction , then he’ s not really into getting to
know you and having a relationship . If there is a lack of
respect in your relationship, move on . You deserve
someone who respects you and wants you by his side .
Seeing these attitudes in your man should signal you to
take a minute to reconsider your relationship . It is not
worth fighting for love that isn’t there . One day , he
might realize how he feels about you , but he may not . It
would be worth it to wait for love that is honest and
sincere , instead of trying to be with someone who isn’t
into you .

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