Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lizzy's Weekend;Me and My Boss⇨3rd Episode

YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW!!! My office changed 2 something I can't really qualify, Let me call it a private garden, because there are different types and colours of flower God!!: I was so surprised then from behind, I heard "can I take you out for dinner tonight"{wetin I for talk }. "Did u get all this just because you want me to go out on a date with you? My God!! Okay I will" I said,and he stood up straight to hug me and you know what, I actually wanted more but then he stopped and left saying thank you My Boss left the office and I didn't see him around till 5pm when I got his message to open my own door for some one which I did and saw a delivery man with a package You will not believe my boss had gotten me two dinner gowns and shoes to match each I knew now that the butterflies in my belly were dancing, I was about to join them when the man called me back to sign I was admiring the clothes again when i saw a note to tell me he would come get me by 8:00㏘ I was surprised as I wasn't sure he knew my house ,well that aside (if he lost he go call me ).then I finished up in time and packed some flowers home, I got home soon enough, cooked,rearranged the house and sized the gowns,the two were of same colour but different designs, I picked the fitting one and picked a nice bra to help my boss bring the beauty (its not easy you know?) By 7:45㏘ I was ready and was waiting for my Boss,8:00㏘ reach he wasn't here yet, 8:30 I had to readjust my make up hoping he was being delayed or traffic , Not long I heard Pum Pum Pum↓↓↓ I flew up and went out only to find him and a Lady In His car.◆◆◆◆ Till next weekend please....... for questions or info call 09096685806


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