Sunday, 18 May 2014

6 Places to Have Sex Other Than the Bedroom (Without Getting Arrested)

Spicing up your bedroom activities by trying new sex tips is always a good time. But if you’re up for trying new moves, why not experiment with a new location? And we’re not talking about hooking up in public places that could run the risk of indecent exposure arrests. Or office sex that could get you in hot water with HR. The hot spots for getting busy are 100% legal; they’re all in the privacy of your own home. Here are six of our favorite places— other than the bedroom—to have sex : 1. The garage. It’s usually on the cool side in garages so you and your partner can keep warm by getting busy. Since there aren’t too many places to safely lie down, try out some standing up positions. Or, you could always squeeze into the backseat of one of your cars and get the windows foggy. 2. The backyard. Unless you live in a very secluded area, there’s a good chance your neighbors have a view of your backyard. Pitch a tent and wait until it gets dark to start fooling around. Go camping in your backyard, but share a sleeping bag. 3. The hallway. Most think of it as a transitional space in the home but you can make it oh, so functional. There’s usually a bit of space on the floor to roll around on. And then those hallway walls are pretty close together; they’d make for some great wall-to-wall action. 4. The bathroom. A plethora of possibilities here, my friends. Get all hot and bothered while feeling each other up in the shower, sitting up on the bathroom counter or even pressing yourselves up against the bathroom wall. What’s especially hot about bathroom action? The large mirrors that let you take in the view. 5. The kitchen. Hoist yourself up on the kitchen counter or dining table and get cooking. You could also lean against the butcher block or even park yourselves in front of the fridge for a sexy food fight. 6. The balcony. If you have an enclosed balcony, lay out a few blankets and enjoy the fresh air together. Or, try leaning against the balcony while your boyfriend positions himself behind you. Enjoy the view, you two.


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